Kehan company is a national high-tech enterprise specializing in the manufacture of Silica Sol. and is theonly one innovative enterprise with three manufacturing silica sol methods , which are “Silicon hydrolysismethod",“Water glass ion exchange method"and “Sol-gel method to produce ultra-pure SilicaSol” .Our company establish Silica sol enterprise with annual production capacity of more 400000 tonsand storage capacity of more than 40000 tons.The company Products has more than 200 varieties. Kehancompany's total assets of 500 million, is the world's excellent manufacturer of Silica Sol.

Kehan company concentrates on hiah-puritv silica soicomposite nano-materials , At present. Kehan com-pany mass-produced alkaline silica sol (JN series), acid silica sol(KHAS series), neutral silica sol (KHZseries).ammonia silica sol(KHAN series) ,ow sodium silica sol (KHWR series),small and large particlesilica sol (KHL series).and Hiah purity large particle size silica sol(ZCM series), and other products canbe used for paper makina, coatina, refractory, semconductor polishing, petrochemical, investment casting.battery industry,and other industries, we can provide hiah-end personalized customization services.

National High-tech Enterprise
Quality Management System Certification
Environmental Management System Certification
Occupational Health and Safety System Certificate
The drafting factory of colloidal sol industry standard in China
The drafting factory of colloidal silica group stardard in investment casting industry
Specialized, refined, and innovative enterprise in Shandong Province
Science and technology oriented enterprise in Shandong Province
The first prize of Linyi scientific progress Award
Key Laboratory in linyi city
The center of high Technology Enterprise
Linyi City "One Enterprise, One Technology" R&D Center